Your Life, Your Coach, Your Destination




      As your life coach, I wanted to introduce you to myself and the six qualities which me the best fit for you.  These six important skill sets will act as the gateway to help set you on a healthy and prosperous path, and give you the tools, guidance, and skills to remain on that path. My ultimate goal is to guide you to the point where you depend less on me and more on your new learned skills and behaviors. This in turn will lead to greater independence and an increased level of personal achievement. 

     My 20 years as a soldier has given me some very unique experiences and training skills.  While serving in the Army as an instructor, I was blessed with the responsibility of mentoring over a thousand young soldiers involved in flight training.  My 29 years of marriage has given me the insight needed to build and maintain strong relationships, and being a father of nine children has helped me to patiently put all of these skills and insights into practice.  As a flight instructor, I have learned to determine the correct timing and the intensity in which training and assistance should be given. This is a critical skill since each individual not only learns in different ways and at different pace. 

    All of these experiences have given me a true love for teaching and helping people to learn and excel. However, the real story about my decision to become a life coach began years ago when I decided to become a marriage and family therapist. While interning, I realized that my associations with these people had to end at the door to my office after each session. Though I learned to be very effective as a therapist, guiding my clients to a successful resolution, and though therapy can play an important role in mental health, I was troubled by the idea that over eighty percent of the individuals and families I was treating would have benefited greatly by a life coach outside of the therapy office. This realization is what strengthened my resolve to become a life coach, and is what put me on the path to helping families and individuals like you achieve life changing results.

Life Coach Qualities:


  First, your life coach must be goal oriented. It is essential that your life coach understand the typical pitfalls which prevent you from attaining your goals. While interning as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I had the opportunity to gain an immense amount of knowledge concerning the psychology of achievement, and the principles that help build a strong and stable foundation for growth and problem resolution.


Second, your life coach should have no other motive than to help you succeed. My highest priority is to help you achieve greatness. Though we may build a lasting friendship during our work together (which I will always cherish) my short-term goal is to make my ongoing services less essential in your life. You will never be treated as a revenue stream! Therefore, during our first meetings, it will be essential to establish which achievements, or life events, will trigger the ending of our professional relationship.

Third, your life coach should be a systemic thinker. It is easy for life coaches with very little life experience, whether it be age, marital status, or education, to be distracted by the content of your discussion and miss the important underlying problems associated with the system (family, work, relationships, etc.) in which you operate. While working towards my master degree in marriage and family therapy I was blessed with the experiences which allowed me to become an enlightened systemic thinker.

Fourth, your life coach should be a patient listener. It does no good to seek help from individuals which rely upon one method of improvement applied liberally to all situations when they have not invested the time to discover what is truly preventing you from reaching your goals. As a patient listener, I will be able to discover and unlock the sleeping giant within you!

Fifth, your life coach should have a track record of success. Ask yourself, what has he or she accomplished that demonstrates they have the experience to be able to assist you in achieving your goals. Having a certificate that shows they were educated in how to help individuals achieve their goals does not guarantee they have the experience to put those skills to use in helping others. Would you rather visit a specialist who just graduated with a skilled degree, or an individual who has had multiple opportunities to practice the life skills essential to building success, and can demonstrate a tract record of achievement.

Sixth, your life coach should have a diverse background. A narrow mindset in a life coach will prevent you from exploring the expansive opportunities which are available for growth, and limit your success. My never-ending study of different cultures, beliefs, and environments provides me with an expansive knowledge base from which to draw. This will provide you with the greatest potential for growth.

Take control and plan for the future

Reach Your Goals

Together, we will identify and structure your goals to provide you with a sustainable road-map to reach them. Having goals does not guarantee success, but building your goals and the story behind them will provide you with the energy to reach them.

Prioritize your time and replationships

Relationship coaching

Are you finding life unrewarding and filled with anxiety?   I want to assist you in developing the skills and tools you need to maximize your personal and professional relationships.  This will lead you to the incredible success you deserve.